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We provide a range of residential property surveys in Kent and London,including Building Surveys and House surveys, as well as Party Wall advice to customers who are looking to make changes to their property.


Our focus is aimed at members of the general public who are making one of the most important purchases of their lives, providing them with all the information they need to make these decisions wisely. Our residential surveyors can provide homebuyers reports, full building surveys as well as advice on Party Wall matters, including the preparation of Party Wall Awards, Schedules of Condition and the issuance of Notices.

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About Us

Whether you require a building survey, a house survey, a home buyer’s report, or Party Wall advice, call on Domestic Property Surveys. We serve clients throughout Kent and the surrounding areas, we complete all surveys and reports to the highest possible standard and ensure you are fully informed about the condition of the property you are looking to purchase. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, our small and independent company is here to help provide our residential customers with only the best possible advice. Whatever your requirements, we will provide comprehensive surveys and advice, so contact us today to get started.

Why Spend Money on a House Survey?

Spending money on a house survey is a critical step in the home-buying process and can help you make informed decisions about what could be the largest investment of your life. Here are some reasons why it's more than worth it:

Identifying Potential Problems

A house survey can help highlight issues which are invisible to the naked eye. For example, a surveyor can identify issues with the building's fabric, structure, roof, plumbing, or electrical systems. A full damp survey is included in each report. Problems associated with the environment, such as the likelihood of local flooding or whether the property is above a coal mining area, will also be highlighted. This information can be invaluable when negotiating the purchase price or deciding whether to continue with the purchase.

Budgeting for Expensive Repairs

A detailed full Building Survey can identify specific problems and defects, which can help you to plan for any repairs that may be required.

Insurance Purposes

Check that your property is insurable

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive surveys will ensure you possess all the facts about a property’s condition.

Complying with Regulation

 Make sure that the property has complied with all necessary building regulations and that there are no breaches of Health and Safety guidelines.

Independent Property Surveyors

As professional property surveyors, we offer Building Surveys,Homebuyer Surveys and Party Wall Advice

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