Residential Surveying by Experienced Surveyors in Kent and South East London

Whether you’re looking to buy a house in Kent or South East London, it’s important to consult professional building surveyors. Based in Whitstable, Domestic Property Surveys specialises in residential surveying for buyers. When you choose our services, we will ensure that a building is structurally sound and safe to live in, providing full reports to meet your needs. Trust our team to help you avoid long-term difficulties and get the right price for your home. Get in touch today for more information.


Building Surveys

Suitable for older buildings with more complex issues, a building survey will provide all the information you need. As a detailed description of your property, the survey will include an in-depth discussion of any problems, their causes, and possible solutions.
After completing this 3-hour survey, we will provide a detailed report within 5 working days,which will extend to more than 80 pages long and will contain many photographs.

Building surveys cost from £525 all-inclusive and a sample Building Survey report can be provided on request.

Home Condition Surveys

Our comprehensive Home Condition Surveys cover the following issues:

  • Building Condition and Defects
  • Structural Movement
  • Damp, Rot, and Woodworm
  • Heating, Water, and Electrical Services
  • Alterations and Additions
  • Matters for Your Conveyancer

Our fee structure for a typical Home Condition Survey is as follows:

  • 1-Bed Flat – from £325 all inclusive
  • 2-Bed Terraced House – from £395 all inclusive
  • 3-Bed Detached House – from £425 all inclusive

If your building is older, a more detailed Building Survey may be required. This 80-page report will include all of the information contained within a typical Home Condition Survey, plus a more detailed description of the property and any defects found, including analysis of their possible causes and solutions.

Party Wall Advice

If you are planning work that will affect your neighbour’s property, you need to speak with a party wall surveyor. Due to the building legislation regarding the area in question, a specialist should be consulted about work involving an adjoining wall between properties, whether new or existing. At Domestic Property Surveys, our party wall surveyors are highly experienced in this aspect of construction.

When proposed work falls under the Party Wall Act, you will be required to serve notice to any neighbours who will be affected. Our surveyors help you to do this and ensure all work goes smoothly.

Party wall surveyors can also mediate if your neighbour doesn’t accept this notice, striving for a solution for all parties in compliance with all relevant regulations. As part of our services, we can prepare and issue Schedules of Condition and Party Wall Notices and Awards.

Typical costs would be as follows:£49 for issuance of Notice,£350 for Schedule of Condition and £395 for issuance of an Award 

Under the terms of the Party Wall Act 1996, you have certain rights regarding what you are allowed to do, providing you have informed your neighbour. The three types of work covered by the 1996 Party Wall Act are:

  • New Walls Built up to the Boundary or Line of Junction
  • Work Carried Out on Party Walls or Structures
  • Excavations within 3 – 6 Metres of a Neighbour’s Property, If They Go Deeper Than the Foundations

Home Buyer Surveys

If you don’t require a full Building Survey, we provide Home Buyer Reports that cover the condition of the building fabric. This is a less detailed but more affordable solution to suit your needs. Surveys comprise a general inspection of accessible parts of the property, i.e. those which are visible and readily available for examination from the ground and floor levels, without risk of causing damage to the property or injury to the surveyor.

Typical cost if survey:

Flat  from £325 all inclusive

2 bed house from £365 all inclusive

Specialising in Residential Surveying

We are experienced in all aspects of residential surveying, from Home Condition Surveys to Party Wall advice.