Residential Surveying, Carried Out by Experts

When looking to buy or sell a house, a

building survey

is an important factor to take into consideration. Residential surveying ensures that the place you are hoping to call your home is structurally sound, and safe for you to live in. Domestic Property Surveys will assist you in avoiding any expensive,unforeseen repairs and could even help reduce the price of your intended purchase.

Why you should choose us

We can offer Home Condition Surveys and full Building Surveys.

A typical Home Condition Survey would cover the following issues:

  • Building Condition and Defects
  • Structural Movement
  • Damp, Rot, and Woodworm
  • Heating, Water, and Electrical Services
  • Alterations and Additions
  • Matters for Your Conveyancer
  • A calculation for the reinstatement cost (for Building Insurance)
  • A sample report can be made available on request

We’re also able to help with any party wall matters, and are experts in the area.

Why have a survey carried out at all

Most properties will have some issues which will need attention,especially older ones.A survey of this type will highlight any and all issues which require attention and will attach a level of urgency to the repair being carried out,based on the level of degradation or the likely cost of putting it right.

Armed with a survey of this type you will know exactly what level of additional financial commitment you may be entering into and thus allow you to negotiate more favourably before you commit.

Remember that a mortgage valuation,which is frequently recommended by a lending institution,is designed primarily to protect the lender,not you the buyer.

If you need a more detailed Building Survey

For older buildings with more complex issues, a more detailed Building Survey may be required. In addition to including all of the information normally provided in a Home Condition Survey,a more detailed description of the property and a more in-depth discussion of any defects and their possible causes and solutions would be offered.A quote is available from our experts, and can be obtained by completing our enquiry form. The inspection itself takes around three hours, and a professional report,extending to more than 80 pages, is provided within five working days.

A sample Building Survey can be made available on request