Choose a Specialist Party Wall Surveyor in Kent

A party wall surveyor may be required if you’re carrying out work that affects your neighbour’s property, as well as your own. Due to the building legislation relating to the area, an expert is likely to be required for work that involves an adjoining wall between properties, whether this is new or existing, and whether excavations are planned. Domestic Property Surveys is an expert in the area, and we serve Kent and the surrounding areas.

What We Do

If proposed work falls under the Party Wall Act, then you will be required to serve a party wall notice to the neighbours that will be affected. We’re able to help you to do this, and make sure that everything goes smoothly. In the event that your neighbour doesn’t accept this notice, you need to appoint a party wall surveyor. That is another area in which we’re able to help. As experienced surveyors we can help all parties arrive at a solution that complies fully with the Party Wall Act. 


The main legislation governing this area is the 1996 Party Wall etc Act. This replaced the old London Building Act, and extended its legislation across England and Wales. If the building working you’re looking to carry out is covered by this act, then there are some things you need to check. Under the terms of the Act,you have certain rights as to what you can legally do,providing you inform your neighbour of your intention to do so.

 The three types of work covered by this legislation are:

  • New Walls Built up to the Boundary or Line of Junction.
  • Work Carried Out on Party Walls or Structures
  • Excavations within 3 or 6 Metres of a Neighbour’s Property, if They Go Deeper Than the Foundations